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Choosing a Florist
(All information have been provided by Society of American Florist. Click here to view more from their website)

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There are many options for ordering flowers, providing convenience and service busy consumers demand today. Local professional florist are committed to providing excellent product and service. They specialize in unique and customized design, attractive packaging, wide selection, same-day delivery, freshness gurantee, expertise and consultation, and personal attention.

Consumers might not know, but not all "local" florist are local. Some out-of-state telemarketing and online firms pose as local florists. These companies mislead consumers into feeling they are ordering flowers from a local florist, but without their knowledge, are being call-remote forwarded to another state. These firms charge higher fees and take business away from legitimate local florists. Consumers are deceived into thinking they are doing business with a local company when they're not. That's unethical and unfair.

To make sure you are doing business with a local professional florist, just follow these tips from the Federal Trade Commission:

  • Ask neighbors, family, friends, and co-workers for florist recommendations.
  • Deal only with shops that list a street address with their phone number. If you're asking directory assistance for a number, also ask for the street number and address. If there isn't one, consider doing business with another florist.
  • Ask the florist for directions to the shop. If they hesitate or refuse, consider this a red flag, and avoid doing business with the florist.

The floral industry's national trade association, the society of American Florists (SAF), also helps consumers find local professional florists through its Florist Directory of members, searchable by name, city, state, and zipcode.

SAF provides tips to help you select the perfect florist for you:

The Right Fit: Look for a floral shop that offers the product mix, level of service and design style that fit your needs.

Personal attention: Choose a florist who will get to know you, keep track of your floral preferences and send reminders of upcoming special occasions.

Excellent Service: Look for convenient hours, easy-access location and a satifaction-gurantee.

Helpful suggestions: Good florists ask questions about what you're looking for, offer expert advice and suggest floral gifts to match any sentiment, occasion, personality or home decor.

Creative Flair: Look for artistry in the florist's arrangements, design and presentation.

Selection and Variety: From the familiar carnation to exotic tropicals, a great shop carries a complete menu of flowers and plants to choose from.

Top Quality Product: The finest florists in the field carry quality product, provide floral food with each purchase and offer instructions for proper care to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Professional Affiliation: Florists who belong to professional groups are committed to being the best in their field. Look for affiliation with national wire services (FTD, Teleflora), national trade associations like the Society of American Florists, state and local trade associations, and local community and civic organizations.

Word of mouth is often the best resource when looking for a florist. An outstanding florist will have a good reputation in your community. If you use a telephone book or directory assistance to find a florist, look for one with a local address. If you choose a national service with a toll-free number, pick an established organization with a strong reputation for providing great service.

(All information provided by Society of American Florist Web site)

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